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I do my own thing.
texas state university.
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"How the Media Failed Women in 2013," courtesy of Miss Representation. This is mind-boggling and you must watch it right now.

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The Queen has spoken.

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"As an object maker I am always on the look-out for things to cast and there are always lots of bones hanging around the studio.  I am drawn to bones as objects.  Bones are always such nice shapes, all those complex curves.  They are of a nice scale that can be held in the hand.  I can’t pick up a bone without speculating about the form that has generated the bone.  It’s a simple structural calculation.  If you have the bone, you have the whole creature.  The form of the creature is implicit in the bone. But it gets a bit more complicated.  I am now working with casts made from a human skeleton.  As I pour the wax or break away the plaster, I find I cannot be unaware that I am casting something that has been living, that has walked the earth and is now defunct.  As I work away through the technically complex casting ritual I find part of me wondering: was this an adult or juvenile?  was it male?  female?  was it healthy?  was it happy?  Working in the studio, as the pieces accumulate I am struck by how arresting it is to see multiples of human remains.  Not too arresting, I hope - I want to avoid any sense of the crudely sensational.  Also, how odd to see crystalline replicas of recognizably human artifacts.”

Ione Thorkelsson

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